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Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Muratec Safety and Health Philosophy

Placing top priority on ensuring the safety and health of our employees,
we will continuously improve our safety and health activities for better outcomes.
In this way we will create a safe and comfortable workplace,
maintain the physical and mental health of our people,
and help each one of them in their pursuit of improved quality of life.


Muratec Occupational Safety and Health Policy

We follow our Occupational Safety and Health principle and practice it with actions. We will all work together to realize a “zero-accident workplace” in the fullest sense, a workplace in which every single individual within every aspect of our business, and for whom we are responsible (hereinafter, “our Employees”), can work in a safe and health-conscious manner.

  1. To eliminate work-related accidents and prevent Employees from suffering injury or illness, every Muratec Employee will carry out the following activities and points of vigilance under the guidance of an ‘All-Muratec Employee Health and Safety (EHS) Committee’.
    (1) Identify points that may endanger workplace safety and health, evaluate the levels of potential risk, and seek to minimize it.
    (2) Work to maintain or improve Employee health and create a pleasant workplace.
    (3) Ensure that we are all considerate of our colleagues’ mental well-being.
  2. Muratec will observe all laws, internal regulations, and other requirements* that it is obligated to fulfill regarding safety and health, (*including our customers’ expectations.)
  3. Muratec will provide relevant education and training to ensure that each Employee becomes more safety-conscious and acts in a safe manner out of habit.
  4. Muratec will track and monitor the results of our safety and health activities by using specific performance indicators. Guided by the indicator trends we will seek to improve these activities in a continuous and pro-active manner.
  5. From time to time Muratec will also review our Safety and Health Policies for relevance and appropriateness, we will communicate them to all Employees and disclose them to Society at large.