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Low Stress Products to the Environment

Low Stress Products to the Environment

Development of eco products

Conduct of environmental risk assessment.
Risk assessment is intensively conducted on the three points listed below in order to reduce environmental impacts.

·Energy-saving design:
Effective use of energy and adoption of energy-saving equipment are promoted, and power consumption is reduced during rated operation or standby in order to save energy.

·Resource-saving design:
Weight saving and space saving are promoted as well as products are designed considering saving packing resources.

·Recycle design:
Materials for easy recycling are selected and design for easy degradation and separation is used in order to promote recycling.

Promotion of use of parts complied with RoHS directive
The use of parts complied with RoHS directive is promoted in order to reduce hazardous chemicals included in products.

Eco Mark

International Energy Star ProgramEco Mark Program is operated by Japan Environment Association (JEA), founded in 1989. Eco Mark must satisfy the following requirements: As compared to similar products, the environmental impacts are relatively few through the whole life cycle ranging from the production to the disposal of the products. Attaching the "Eco Mark" to products is helpful for customers to select better commodities in terms of environmental conservation.


International Energy Star Program
(Communication Equipment Div.)

International Energy Star ProgramMuratec offers Earth-friendly products. "International Energy Star Program" is energy conservation standards for office automation equipment executed in 1995 by mutual agreements of the Japan-U.S. governments to protect the rich global environment. Muratec offers most products including complex machinery that qualifies for the energy conservation standards of the International Energy Star Program.


Cartridge Collection & Recycling in Japan
(Communication Equipment Div.)

Muratec collects used consumables (toner and drum cartridges) for environmental preservation and recycling in Japan. Please send back used toner and drum cartridges to the address below. Also, upon returning, please kindly follow the packing instructions described below so that used consumables are recycled. Thank you for your cooperation.


MF Eco Machine Certification
(Machine Tools Div.)

Green Purchasing NetworkMF Eco Machine Certification System is that Japan Forming Machinery Association (JFMA) has established the “MF Eco Machine Certification Standards” originally in the certification standards committee with external experts and created the common environmental label for products complied with the standards. JFMA conducts review, certification, registration, and announcement. The system has launched on April, 2009.
Muratec has obtained the certification for Servo Motor Driven Turret Punch Press and Press Brake.

CNC Turret Punch Press Motorum Series
(Machine Tools Div.)

An environmentally friendly eco-machine, the Motorum servo motor drive mechanism uses energy only at the
time of punching.