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Environmental Activities [Eco Facilities]

Eco Facilities

Powder Coating System (Inuyama Plant & Kaga Factory - Japan)

The powder coating system has been installed for product coating at the Inuyama Plant & Kaga Factory. The conventional solvent coating system involved such solvents as toluene, xylene and ethylbenzene, and some coating materials and colorants contained harmful substances such as lead and chrome. The powder coating system is a user-and environmentally friendly coating solution as it contains none of these harmful substances.

Powder Coating System

Powder Coating System


FMuratec raises our employees’ awareness of the environment throughout various activities such as conducting posting “Botanical Map” on our intranet, which shows planting situations on the premises, etc. We also promote planting activities on the premises to aim to harmonize with the local environment.

Botanical Map

Botanical Map

flowers flowers flowers

Solar System (Inuyama Plant - Japan)

For the purpose of positive use of renewable energy, solar power generation is used for the outdoor lights at the parking lot of the Inuyama plant. With the theme of creation of earth-friendly environment, energy saving is promoted, and reduction of greenhouse gas is approached.

Solar System Solar System