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Corporate Citizenship

Corporate Citizenship

Murata Overseas Scholarship Foundation

The Murata Overseas Scholarship Foundation was established in 1970 in honor of the founder of Murata Machinery, the late Teisuke Murata. This Foundation subsidizes the expenses of students wishing to study abroad. It places no restraints or limitations on the path they later take. In 2000, the Foundation also began granting scholarships to foreign students studying in Japan. We hope that the scholarship system will cultivate sound international sense, broaden perspectives of young people with powerful dreams, and help them become active on a global scale.

M.I.T., one of the places of learning for many scholarship students studying abroad.

The spirit of creative challenge opens the future.

Muratec has long endeavored to give people opportunity to take on creative challenges that are worthy of humanity, and to encourage active participation in society. Based on this concept, we are supporting diverse activities that go far beyond the limitations of corporate business. Local sporting activity is one such area of support. For example, since 1989, we have independently sponsored the annual All-Japan Interprefectural Women's Ekiden-Marathon. This takes place in Kyoto, the city in which the Muratec Head Office is located. We are also a supporting company for the professional soccer team, Kyoto Sanga F.C. Similarly, the Inuyama Plant, our main factory, has been opened each year since 1999 as the stadium for a bicycle road race. By these means and others, Muratec is stimulating the spirit of challenge and sportsmanship of young people who will take charge of the future.

Bicycle Road Race (at the Inuyama Plant)

Kyoto Sanga F.C.

All Japan prefectural Women's Ekiden-Marathon