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CSR Management [Human Rights, Ethics and Compliance]


For Murata Machinery Group's executives and employees, we have established the "Muratec Code of Conduct" to respect our employees' diversity, character, and individuality. Our Employee handbook has also defined that employees shall be treated fairly and adequately in accordance with internal hiring rules provided for separately with no prejudice whatsoever based on nationality, religion, gender or social status.

In addition to implementing internal training programs to prevent workplace harassment, we have made an internal hotline as contact points for consultations related to compliance and harassment, as well as for reporting unlawful activity when discovered. This hotline can be used by every group employee, including temporary staff. We strictly protect the secrecy of the employees who use these desks and prohibit acts of reprisal and detrimental treatment.

Prohibition of Forced Labor and Child Labor

Muratec Group respects the UN Declaration of Human Rights and the Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work declared by the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the laws of the countries in which we operate.

As standards in our Code of Conduct and Implementation guidance of Code of Conduct, we have specified respect of human rights and the prohibition of discriminatory treatment, prohibition of forced or child labor or other similar practices.

To this end, we comply with the requirements including, but not limited to, attached requirements and enhance our supply chains to comply with our expectations.


  1. No levies, placement fees even if allowed by law
  2. No fee to workers as defined by RBA*
  3. No worker debt related to obtaining or keeping job
  4. Fees found to be charged repaid within 90 days
  5. Comprehensive employment contracts
  6. No changes to the contract or work conditions
  7. No holding worker's original identification
  8. Secure personal storage provided
  9. Voluntary resignation
  10. Notice period not longer than one month
  11. Any notice penalty is less than 60% of one month wages
  12. Workers must have freedom of movement
  13. Monitor their labor agents and interview Foreign Migrant Workers
  14. Policies and procedures must be in place

*For the RBA, click here to visit the RBA website.