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AMHS for Semiconductor Fab. [Tool Front FOUP Buffer]

AMHS for Semiconductor Fab.

Tool Front FOUP Buffer  Tool Station TS300

It is buffer equipment to be set over the load port of the process equipment. Tool Station can be set up on either new or existing production line where the equipment complies with E15.1 SEMI Standard. Carriers (FOUP) can be buffered at the nearest position to the process equipment. Additionally, by setting up independent transfer units at each process equipment, it is possible to reduce the FOUP replacement time between the FOUP removal after process completion and FOUP supply to the next process, enabling improvement in the operation efficiency of the inspection equipment which takes short time to inspect.

ToolStation (TS300)ToolStation (TS300)


- Maximum configurations 4 bays x 3 Levels for temporary storage
- N2 purging is available (Option)
- Easy removal and reinstall for maintenance, taking less than 10min.

ToolStation (TS300)

Cycle Time (s)


Number of Buffer

4-12 FOUP

Install & Adjustment Time


Tool Modification

(depend on the tool configuration)