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AMHS for Semiconductor Fab. [Wafer N2 Purging]

AMHS for Semiconductor Fab.

Wafer N2 Purging

Due to shrinking design nodes, time management between processes is required, and also the control of wafer quality affected by oxide, moisture and atmosphere is important. For such demands, we offer the Wafer N2 Purging as convenient retrofit to existing stockers. N2 purging will ease the time restriction between processes and prevent yield rate decrease.

- Thin purge unit maintains shelf pitch (High density storage)
- Mass flow control by recipe order (Remote setting available)
- Already installed in multiple FOUP manufacturers
- Maintain the quality by pre-purging function
- High performance purging with in-house original nozzle (Purging efficiency is more than 90%)

Wafer N2 Purging