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Customer support - Driver download - Asia Pacific / Middle East / Africa

Driver download - Asia Pacific / Middle East / Africa

This page contains links for downloading printer drivers for Muratec facsimiles and MFPs.
Check the name of the product in use and click on the product name. When the download page opens, check the contents on the page and click on the name of the applicable OS. Be sure to read the README file before using the downloaded software.

17 APR 2019 Printer Driver for MFX-3510/3530 was updated.
14 Dec 2015 GDI/PCL Printer Driver for MFX-2335/2835 was updated.


Print Drivers

F-300 F-305 / 315 F-68P
MFX-1200 MFX-1300 MFX-1600
MFX-1330 MFX-1350 MFX-1820
MFX-1820D MFX-1930 MFX-1950
MFX-2010 MFX-2010D MFX-2030
MFX-2050 MFX-2200 MFX-2225
MFX-2335 MFX-2500 MFX-2530
MFX-2550 MFX-2700 MFX-2725
MFX-2835 MFX-3510 MFX-3530

By downloading from this website, you are agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions of Muratec's Software License Agreement.