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Twister for Industrial Yarn

Twisters for Industrial Yarn

The potential for the "new yarn" produced by twisting now lies not only in fashion, but from uses in automobiles including seatbelts, airbags and tire cord, to carpets and other applications in interior design. Its uses are also spreading to the leisure industry and medical institutions, as well as to new construction materials, agriculture and the leading edge of aerospace development.

We guarantee you comfort and safety with our industrial yarn, which has a wide range of desirable functionality such as tight and strong bundles, uniform tension and better weaving. At Muratec, we use the vast store of technical knowhow we have accumulated to help us in our continuous efforts with our customers to make new yarns.

tire cord carpet yarn for surgical operating gown
leisure use car seat construction materials, industrial net

Cable Twister

Direct Cabler

Direct Cabler with direct twisting system for stable high quality and productivity

TFO Twister for filament yarn

Two-for-One Twister for Industrial Yarn

For verstality in the processing of industrial yarns