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Research & Development

Offering innovative products that meet the changing needs of the times while maintaining a fresh perspective.

Research & Development

Finding innovative and long-term solutions to formidable problems while grasping the overall needs of the market.

Murata Machinery has a long history of rising to the challenge of technological development and has accumulated a stock of reliable mechanical and electronic technologies. Our technical staff love to solve problems that appear impossible and their zeal has generated hundreds of international patents. Our developing cutting-edge products in quick succession is the manifestation of our company's flexible attitude to espousing radical new ideas and our spirited response to every challenge. Constantly updating hardware technology in step with the times is natural for a machinery manufacturer, but at Murata Machinery we also focus on developing software technology by suggesting optimal production applications and providing technical support tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer. For this purpose, we provide our technical staff with the latest research facilities and a creative environment, in which they can transform abstract ideas into concrete designs.
This burning desire to ask new questions and seek new answers is the impetus to Murata Machinery's creativity.

Hothouse for nurturing the creativity of young engineers: Muratec R&D Center.

This center opened on the grounds of the head office in the spring of 1992. With the aim of instituting an improved cooperative relationship between man and scientific technology, the Muratec R&D Center was established by Murata Machinery to provide technological expertise to its five divisions: textile machinery, machine tools, automated systems, communication equipment, and clean systems. It also functions as an interdivisional networking base where the latest research information is integrated. Leading scholars and researchers around the world are invited there to engage in technical exchange covering a wide range of subjects, lecture at study sessions, and attending informal gatherings.

Semi-anechoic chamber

Construction analysis of machine tools by CAE

R&D Center (Kyoto)

Automation Techno Center
(within Inuyama Plant)