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Uni-SHUTTLE HP is an automated storage / retrieval system designed to provide best-in-class capacity and performance through a combination of flexible storage functions, high-capacity transport and sorting capabilities.

Uni-SHUTTLE HP is a new solution that pursues "maximum logistics throughput" in terms of both productivity and quality.

Best-in-class storage and retrieval capacity ; Capable of handling 3,000 cases / hour. Flexible and efficient storage functionality ; Capable of handling various type (carton cases, folding containers, buckets and other cases), load sizes and rack locations. Sequential retrieval capability optimizes delivery of product to various steps in the production process. Configuration flexibility in the design of the storage and retrieval equipment.
Advantages of Uni-Shuttle HP
Improved Inventory Turnover Rate

Continuously sorts and stores parts and products from various suppliers or production processes with its best in class storage capabilities.

Sorts and stores rapidly and smoothly with its flexible and efficient storage capabilities that handle various load sizes and rack locations.

Provides just-in-time retrieval of necessary parts and products with its fastest-in-class shuttles and retrieval equipment working in tandem.

Easily handles individualized and same-day distribution needs with a system optimized for small-lot, highthroughput replenishment and retrieval operations.

Improved Logistics Quality

Rapidly and continuously retrieves parts and products in the order specified, whether by individual buyer or by position in the shipping queue.

Efficient sequential retrieval capability eliminates the need for post-retrieval sorting of parts and products according to production process, buyer or shipping truck loading order.

The flexible unloading process provides the added ability to retrieve products organized according to highly specific criteria, such as buyer's product category, storage aisle or production process, including ideal sequential arrangement of goods for put away on the buyers side.

Uni-SHUTTLE HP is a "High-Performance Automated Storage/Retrieval System," combining a multi-level storage rack system with shuttles running independently on each level and the optional configuration of "Space Storage" or vertical conveyors as its storage/retrieval equipment.

Continuous Storage

Smoothly sorts and stores inventory with best in its class storage capabilities.

Continuous Storage

Optimal for small-lot, high-throughput replenishment.

Space Storage Flexible Rack Locations Space Storage

Continuous Storage by Level (4 cases / level):
Max. 1,500 cases / hour

Highly efficient and flexible, the storage rack allows for the storage of various load sizes in flexible locations (for loads within parameters, regardless of size, shape or type: 4-7 loads per storage cell).

Continuous Retrieval by Level (4 cases / level):
Max. 1,500 cases / hour

Space Storage / Vertical Conveyor Flexible Rack Locations + Shuttle Vehicles Space Storage / Vertical Conveyor
  Vertical Conveyor Shuttle Vehicles Vertical Conveyor

Continuous Storage by Item: Max. 900 cases / hour

Independent shuttle vehicles on each level of the storage rack sort and transport loads at the fastest-in-class speed of 400 m / min.

Sequential Retrieval by Case: Max. 900 cases / hour

Just-in-time retrieval of necessary parts and products.

Group retrieval

Individualized sequential unloading ability, allows for immediate retrieval of buyer's products.

Sequential retrieval
Supports a wide array of storage/retrieval needs with flexible configurations for storage/retrieval equipment
Rapid, continuous storage with “Space Storage.” Versatile, simultaneous sequential retrieval with multiple vertical conveyors.
Space Storage allows for rapid storage with its continuous, automatic storage capability. Space Storage's group retrieval function allows for continuous, fixedposition picking operations of parts or products as they are required.
Vertical conveyors also allow for the supply of parts and products from multiple levels on the rack. Multiple vertical conveyors simultaneously supply a wide variety of parts and products, just in time.