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Product Types

Transportation Systems

Automated Overhead Traveling Vehicles (SKY RAV)

Automated Overhead Traveling Vehicles (SKY RAV)

Automated Overhead Traveling Vehicles (SKY RAV)

SKY RAV vehicles efficiently utilize overhead space and offer flexible layout. These monorail systems transport goods between processes and perform automatic replenishment.

Customized Industry-Specific Solutions




Pharmaceutical manufacturer
Delivery process

Automatic replenishing of the picking shelf is performed with no replenishment workers, and zero-waiting for replenishments. Space-saving design makes efficient use of overhead space.

(medical waste)

Other processes

Optimal automatic feeding of the wastes to the furnaces based on weighing data and management data from the Auto Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS). Ensures steady supply to furnace.

Automobile and
manufacturing lines

Manufacturing process

Efficiently utilizes overhead space, and simultaneously supplies and recovers parts. Noise-less design minimizes disturbance to the working environment. Well-timed supply of parts based on work progress information.

Publications delivery
Delivery process

Required quantities are automatically replenished according to a replenishment plan. Saves overhead space by making use of overhead space.