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Solutions for Agriculture

System Requirements (Areas of Improvement)

  • Require maintenance of high quality (freshness).
  • Each agricultural product must be controlled in an optimal environment (temperature).
  • Eliminate heavy labor, and eases burden on workers.
  • Control product information for traceability, and helps ensure consumer safety.

Our Solution

Case bird's-eye view
Flow figure

Solution Features

  • Control of air conditioning to maintain the optimal temperature for the product.
  • Total automation from receiving to shipping. Simplifies operation and reduces requirements for workers.
  • Uses a multi-storied rack yielding high efficiency and storage capacity.
  • AS/RS designed with various shelf sizes to match shipping units and provide for quick access for small-lot shipments.
  • Through the advanced data management functions of the AS/RS, detailed product information including name, producer and location of production is accumulated to support traceability.

Features of Installed Equipment

Auto Storage and Retrieving System (AS/RS) for Refrigerated/Freezing environment
Auto Storage and Retrieving System (AS/RS) for Refrigerated/Freezing environment
  • Floor storage facilitates high density storage of Bulky flexible containers on multiple levels.
  • Air conditioning ducts are placed in the upper part of the racks, allowing for uniform temperatures and humidity throughout the warehouse.
  • Grain temperature sensors facilitate automatic temperature and humidity adjustment, for maintaining product quality.


Automated Transportation & Sorting Vehicles (RTN-X)
Automated Transportation & Sorting Vehicles (RTN-X)
  • Complete automation from Receiving to Shipping. Totally unmanned operation according to FIFO sequence.
  • Prevention of product mix-ups.


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