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Case Studies


Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

System Requirements (Areas of Improvement)

  • Support for GMP (good manufacturing practices) standards in pharmaceutical manufacturing and quality control.
  • Support for diverse item/small lot production.
  • Expandability of system in the future.

Our Solution

Case bird's-eye view
Flow figure

Solution Features

  • Raw materials, packaging materials, and products are divided into zones and stored in the same warehouse, enabling efficient use of space.
  • Clarification of areas of control and realtime management of goods and information is achieved through Auto Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS) and conveyance of work in progress.
  • Clear definition of zones of control through air locks and air showers, and implementation of measures against contamination.
  • Emphasis placed from the design stage on building facilities that are easy to clean, and that minimize rust and abrasion.
  • Creation of work mechanisms that eliminate human error and confusion through double-checks made possible by linking items with information.

Features of Installed Equipment

Pallet AS/RS
Pallet AS/RS
  • Enables storage of different types of packaging (cardboard, flexible container, fiber drums etc.) in the same storage location.
  • Anti-rust and insect proof.
  • Supports clean rooms, frozen/refrigeration systems, hazardous items, and various other plant environments.


Laser-guided Automated Transportation Vehicles (LGV)
Laser-guided Automated Transportation Vehicles (LGV)
  • Compatible with clean rooms (class 100 to 100,000).
  • Laser guided means you can change your layout at will.


Magnetic-guided Automated Transportation Vehicles (AGV)
Magnetic-guided Automated Transportation Vehicles (AGV)
  • Compatible with clean rooms (class 100 to 100,000).
  • Offers high, ± 5 mm stop sensitivity.
  • Moves in tight spaces with spin-turn, and sideways and diagonal motion capabilities.


Transfer Equipment
  • We develop and provide transfer and process equipment required for overturning drums directly into hoppers, weighing, and mixing.
  • Used for automatic packaging material supply and desorption.


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