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Case Studies


System for Automobile Manufacturing Line

System for Automobile Manufacturing Line

System Requirements (Areas of Improvement)

  • Establish an on-time parts supply system.
  • Improve the quality and performance of individual parts.
  • Increase precision of assembly of composite parts.

Our Solution

Case bird's-eye view
Flow figure

Solution Features

  • Reduces worker down time (time away from assembly work).
  • Creates a just-in-time parts supply system.
  • Supports realtime process follow-up by combining work terminals and control systems.
  • Equipment designed to be able to support various types of product packaging supplied from multiple vendors.
  • Layout design that enables well-timed supply of items to subsequent processes utilizing unattended and automated overhead traveling vehicles.

Features of Installed Equipment

Pallet AS/RS
Pallet AS/RS
  • Computerized control of received work pieces.
  • Shipped articles can be traced using data management based on part and lot numbers.
  • Just-in-time supply of work pieces to lines through coordination with process control computers.


Bucket AS/RS
Bucket AS/RS
  • Multiple assembled work pieces and are stored in buckets and delivered directly to manufacturing lines.


Automated Overhead Traveling Vehicles (SKY-RAV)
Automated Overhead Traveling Vehicles (SKY-RAV)
  • Efficiently utilizes overhead space, and simultaneously supplies and recovers parts.
  • Quiet design minimizes disturbance to the working environment.
  • Well-timed supply of parts based on work progress information.


Magnetic-guided Automated Transportation Vehicles (AGV)
Magnetic-guided Automated Transportation Vehicles (AGV)
  • Uses a magnetic tape induction system that can be easily modified to accommodate line changes.
  • Compact, low-profile design (transportation level of 450 mm) lets you set up an easy to use low-level transportation system.


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