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Case Studies


Support System for Automobile Painting and Assembly Line

Support System for Automobile Painting and Assembly Line

System Requirements (Areas of Improvement)

  • Support single production (manufacturing single items per user-requested options).
  • Shorten manufacturing lead times.

Our Solution

Case bird's-eye view
Flow figure

Solution Features

  • Offers total system management from receiving on the injection molding line, to supplying to the painting line, to downstream sub-assembly processes.
  • Creates just in time supply system.
  • Enables more flexible adjustment to each process than with hanger systems.
  • Works with process control systems on the factory side.
  • Provides gentle, smooth conveyance that has no negative impacts on work.
  • Utilizing Auto Storage and Retrieving System (AS/RS) as a primary buffer allows adjustments of supply to the painting line.

Features of Installed Equipment

Pallet AS/RS
Pallet AS/RS
  • Inventory data on received work is securely controlled.
  • Receiving and shipping information is accurately monitored for achieving traceability of each work piece.


Vertical Transportation Systems
Vertical Transportation Systems
  • Transfers work across multiple levels, and effectively saves space.


Conveyor Systems
Conveyor Systems
  • Provides optimized automatic supplying to lines with coordinated use of process control computers and AS/RS control computers.
  • Provides stable supply to lines.


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