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Laser Guided Vehicles(LGV)

Laser Guided Vehicles(LGV)

Automatic, laser guided vehicles do not require guide tape on the floor or any kind of special markings to install. Facilitates a great reduction in Vehicle setup and adjustment time.

Customized Industry-Specific Solutions




Pharmaceutical production
Manufacturing process

Supports clean rooms (class 100-100,000). Laser guided system for easy changes in layout.

Chemical manufacturing
Manufacturing process

Supports clean rooms (class 100). Guidelines not required; runs over grating. Features a high stopping sensitivity (± 5 mm). Operates in tight spaces with spin-turn, and horizontal and diagonal motion.

Foodstuffs manufacturing

Manufacturing process

Enables direct transfer of containers to equipment. Adapts flexibly to changes in layout. Compact design makes effective use of space. High stopping accuracy (± 5 mm) allows loading onto the top of the vehicle.