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Product Types

Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems

Inclined Circulating Racks ( Uni-Through Racks )

Inclined Flo-Thru Racks (Uni-Through Racks)

Inclined Flo-Thru Racks (Uni-Through Racks)

Circulating storage shelves using horizontal transportation on pallets. Forklift performs stocking and destocking, and can be easily combined with stacker cranes for softing.

Customized Industry-Specific Solutions




Handling Hazardous Items
Other processes

High-density storage with space-saving design.
Perfect forageing storage following the stuffing process, or AS/RS on 24-hour manufacturing lines.
Smooth horizontal transportation safely designed to prevent collapse of loads. Simple air-driven construction offers superior maintenance characteristics.

Low temperature distribution
( storage model )

Other processes

High storage efficiency provides optimal solution for large quantity storage.
Allows selection of stocking/destocking system to match the conditions at the plant.