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Free size automated warehouse

Flexible storage for products regardless of size, shape, or weight.
Products can be handled by hoisting carriage based on specific features of products.

Customized Industry-Specific Solutions




Pharmaceutical manufacturer
Delivery process

Storage for replenishment to picking shelf.
Functions as a replenishment storage for the picking shelf and for shipping by case unit.

Supply Center
Delivery process

Possible to store products of various sizes and weights.
Computerized control facilitates inventory control of goods according to FIFO sequence.
Shipped articles can be traced through data management based on part and lot numbers.

Foodstuff Manufacturer
Delivery process

Random case sizes and weights can be effectively stored.
Cases received from outside can also be stored and retrieved for cross docking.
Synchronized with upstream picking equipment for quick retrieval to the upstream process.

Mail order / gifts
Distribution process

Arrival of picking items and their shipping case are synchronized by use of high speed stacker crane.
This enables fast processing at fixed points