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Case Studies

Warehouse Management

Solutions for the Supply Center

Solutions for the Supply Center

System Requirements (Areas of Improvement)

  • Parts life management.
  • Timely supply of parts.
  • 24-hour supply.

Our Solution

Case bird's-eye view
Flow figure

Solution Features

  • Storage system that can handle multiple types and sizes of parts in large volume.
  • An information system that securely handles large volume storage requirements and long storage periods.
  • High performance system that can respond to short lead time.
  • Simple picking system configuration that anyone can use without the help of a specialist; with low cost management.

Features of Installed Equipment

Free-size AS/RS
Free-size AS/RS
  • Flexibility in handling storage of various product sizes and weights.
  • Storage/retrieval is done in FIFO sequence through computerized inventory control.
  • Shipped articles can be traced using data management based on part and lot numbers.


Picking Systems
Picking Systems
  • These systems emphasize visibility and operability for prevention of picking mistakes.
  • Inclined conveyor and other equipment increase efficiency.
  • Picking systems boast 99.99% accuracy.


Automatic Case Systems
  • Automatically made packaging cartons increase work efficiency.


Automatic Packaging Systems
  • Compatible with various packaging formats.
  • Capacity calculated to optimize packaging materials.
  • Automatic addition of cushioning is enabled.


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