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Automatic Transportation Systems for Surgical Equipment

Automatic Transportation Systems for Surgical Equipment

System Requirements (Areas of Improvement)

  • Thorough prevention of secondary infection in hospitals (ensures safety).
  • Prevent picking errors (of medical equipment, surgical tools, medical supplies etc.).
  • Support a wide array of surgical equipment (makes staff work easier and more efficient).
  • Increase surgical efficiency and quality of intraoperative management.
  • Robust security control.
  • Make operations in the hospital and surgery room smooth and efficient.

Our Solution

Case bird's-eye view
Flow figure

Solution Features

  • It is possible to check the tools and equipment on the screen, improving the accuracy of assembly work after cleaning.
  • Schedule control allows pre- planning and preparation of required equipment.
  • Sterilization date/time is obtained from the sterilization equipment data and sterilization expiry for each container is controlled according to the sterilization method (high pressure steam, gas, etc.).
  • Security ensured with entry of user name and password settings.
  • Keeps three major areas of "rotation" completely separate: patients, equipment supply (clean area), and recovery (unclean area).
  • Data copied to multiple computers to provide backup against accidental deletion.

Features of Installed Equipment

Bucket AS/RS
Bucket AS/RS
  • Stores fluid replacement, poultices, and other products, making effective use of available space.
  • Creates a system allowing for qualitative and quantitative control of equipment with virtually no errors.


Magnetic-guided Automated Transportation Vehicles (AGV)
Magnetic-guided Automated Transportation Vehicles (AGV)
  • Automatic transportation of surgical equipment and recovery of medical wastes.


Vertical Rotating Shelves (Auto-Shelves)
Vertical Rotating Shelves (Auto-Shelves)
  • Rapid response stocking and destocking provides optimal storage solution for emergency medical equipment.
  • Easily configured as a FIFO system.


Pneumatic Tube Systems
Pneumatic Tube Systems
  • Patient charts, medicines, X-ray film, and other items can be sent through this system without the need for human couriers.
  • A solution for items that cannot be transferred electronically.


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