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Residual Food Processing and Recycling Plant Systems

Residual Food Processing and Recycling Plant Systems

System Requirements (Areas of Improvement)

  • Help meet strict legal requirements.
  • Support recycling.
  • Improve the work environment (eliminate hazardous or harmful environments).

Our Solution

Case bird's-eye view
Flow figure

Solution Features

  • Total system management from receiving to processing and shipping (composting).
  • Used inside Auto Storage and Retrieval System for control of blending and ageing according to the destination. (rigorous management of quality data on shipped compost = system that adds value).
  • Involves measures against fermentation, vermin damage, dust, and humidity, protecting the worker environment inside the warehouse.
  • Automation minimizes the amount of work done in special environments.

Features of Installed Equipment

Pallet AS/RS
Pallet AS/RS
  • AS/RS is used in the ageing process for composting food residuals.
  • Package detection by wire, and measures against insect damage.
  • Use of cableveyor and Optical cables repel vermin, and facilitate prevention against dust.


Bucket AS/RS
Bucket AS/RS
  • Provides primary storage before adding to the mixer.
  • Creates a system whereby stored goods can be automatically fed to the mixer.


Conveyor Systems
Conveyor Systems
  • Anchors and other contact parts are made of stainless steel for rust prevention.
  • Detection by limit switch. (protection against vermin).
  • Overturning machine facilitates automatic feeding to the mixer.


Automated Transportation & Sorting Vehicles (RTN-X)
Automated Transportation & Sorting Vehicles (RTN-X)
  • Cableveyor and optical cables for power transmission prevent short circuit caused by dust and damage by vermin.
  • Detection by limit switch. (Limit switch must be mechanically activated and this prevents misoperation by interference of vermin).
  • Stainless steel guides prevent rust damage.


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