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Case Studies


Solutions for Parcel Delivery

Solutions for Parcel Delivery

System Requirements (Areas of Improvement)

  • Demand for fast and accurate sorting.
  • Operation without interruption to equipment and systems.
  • Absolute prevention of damage to parcels.
  • Stringent delivery schedules.
  • Operations at low running cost.

Our Solution

Case bird's-eye view
Flow figure

Solution Features

  • Use of inliner and parcel buffering and orientation for maximizing sorter performance.
  • Parcels are measured and weighed, and routed automatically to a general sorter or small-package sorter.
  • A simple yet rugged mechanical construction for a highly durable system that yields high performance.

Features of Installed Equipment

Steel Belt Sorter
Steel Belt Sorter
  • High processing performance is achieved with a sorter of mechanical capacity of 7500 units per hour, and a line that maximizes unloading capacity.
  • Gentle sorting system realized with a chute system that prevents damage to goods.


Monitoring System
Monitoring System
  • Easy maintenance due to the use of simple machines with few structural components, and a facility monitoring system.


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