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Offering total solutions for logistics and automation

Logistics (strategic distribution) is now the key to corporate strategy. MURATA MACHINERY promotes logistical solutions that are directly linked to corporate operations from the perspective of SCM (supply chain management), representing the optimization of a continuous flow from Purchase of raw material to final Delivery of merchandise to consumers. The division draws from its expertise in automation and unmanned operation of production systems to pursue creation of unmanned transportation systems for clean room application. It thus supports the electronics industry by raising the manufacturability and reliability of semiconductors, LCD displays, and plasma display devices. By compiling and sharing its success stories in design, improvement and operation that help to build the main arteries of the manufacturing and distribution lines in a variety of industries, L&A is helping companies thrive in the competitive global marketplace.

Construction-integrated Type AS/RS Automated Transportation & Sorting Vehicles (RTN-X) Sorting systems

Construction-integrated Type AS/RS

Automated Transportation & Sorting Vehicles

Sorting systems

Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (AS/RS)

Multi-storied AS/RS, Pallet AS/RS, Bucket AS/RS
Free-size AS/RS, AS/RS for large/heavy items
AS/RS for explosive/hazardous items
AS/RS for refrigerated/freezing environment
Cabinet systems
Rack systems

Transportation Systems

Laser-guided automated transportation vehicles (LGV)
Magnetic-guided automated transportation vehicles (AGV)
Automatic storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) and automated transportation & sorting vehicles (RTN-X)
Automated overhead traveling vehicles (SKY RAV)
Conveyor systems

Picking Systems

Layer picking systems
Vision sensor robots
Vertical stacking palletize systems
Digital picking systems

Sorting Systems

Steel belt sorters
Tilt tray sorters
Chute sorters
In liners

Data Management Systems

Production management systems
Integrated control systems
Physical distribution total control systems
Warehouse management systems (WMS)