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15. Oct. 2018

Commencement of sale of new automatic winder products

Murata Machinery, Ltd. (Head office: 136 Takeda Mukaishiro-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto; President: Daisuke Murata) will exhibit the PROCESS CONER II QPRO EX and PROCESS CONER II FPRO EX, the newest models in the company's automatic winder core textile machinery business products, for the first time at ITMA ASIA+CITME 2018 international textile machinery exhibition to be held at the National Exhibition & Convention Center (NECC) in Shanghai, China from October 15th to 19th.



Muratec's core automatic winder model which promises High Quality, High Productivity, Energy Reduction, and Easy Operation. This model features improvements and a diverse selection of convenient options since the sale of the original PROCESS CONER II QPRO model. Available in a lineup of 4 types based on how bobbins are supplied from the preceding process: straight magazine, VCF, bobbin tray, and Link Coner; in order to perfectly fit customer production process equipment layouts.



Our company's top class automatic winder model, which replaces the slotted drum normally used for the traverse (a mechanism which distributes yarn to the left and right), which greatly effects package winding shape, with a traverse mechanism. This model is perfect to satisfy customer needs for use in processes which require ribbon-less, perfect shape, high quality package production.


Major functional improvements from previous models (PROCESS CONER QPRO/FRRO Plus)

1) High energy saving capacity

The drum has been changed to a more energy saving drive type and the blower motor control method revised in order to achieve energy savings of over 5% compared to the previous QPRO/FPRO Plus models.


2) The "Link Coner", which links with the spinning machines from the preceding process, allows winding to be continued during spinning machine doffing (bobbin replacement), which enhances the winder efficiency. In addition, these type controls the supply of bobbins to the unit section and continually maintains supply and circulation of an appropriate amount of bobbins to achieve more stable production efficiency.


3) The “VCF”, which automatically supplies bobbins from a supply bobbin box, the supply bobbin reserve amount has been increased to approximately 2 times that of previous models. This type also features an increase capacity for empty bobbin box after winding, which enables even greater labor saving and automation.